Breast reduction and Accessory Breast removal treatment

Breast reduction surgery is opted if their size is disproportionate to the size of the body or to reduce discomforts experienced because of oversized breasts. Breast surgery helps in removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin. Breast reduction is common among women who want to reduce the size of their breasts for emotional and physical reasons.

Problems faced because of oversized breasts

Back and neck pain, skin irritation, difficulty in daily activities, play sports, and also they become self conscious because of over-sized breast. Breast reduction surgery is the answer for these discomforts.

Am I a right candidate?

  • A healthy adult and have realistic expectations
  • Not satisfied with the current breast size and improve breast contour
  • Experiencing discomforts like back, neck, and shoulder pain and also skin irritation
  • Indentations from bra straps, as it supports heavy pendulous breasts

Before procedure

  • Discuss with the doctor about the reason you have chosen to undergo surgery, and also family medical history.
  • The doctor evaluates for any complications and risk factors.
  • Current medications, smoking, and alcohol consumption should be disclosed.
  • The doctor may ask to stop some of the medications and also advice to stop smoking, alcohol and other related habits.
  • A mammogram test may be required before surgery to analyze risks.
  • Surgeons at Skinovate discuss about the procedures, risks, and complications in a detailed manner for a better understanding and to enable decision making process simpler.
  • All kind of patient queries will be answered by our expert surgeon.

The procedure

This is a surgical procedure that involves removal of fat, tissue, and skin through incisions. If only excess fat is the problem and not skin or tissues, then the fat is removed through liposuction. Generally the technique used to reduce breast size depends on the analysis of breast anatomy.

  • The doctors will advice and choose best anesthesia method for surgery
  • There are different types of incision methods like Circular pattern incision, keyhole incision, inverted T incision. The surgeon may choose appropriate method according to the requirement of the surgery.
  • The tissues are removed and repositioned. In certain cases, if necessary, the nipple and areola may need to be transplanted to a higher position.
  • Sutures, skin adhesives, or surgical tapes are used to close the skin. Though the incision lines are permanent, over the time they fade to give better appearance.

After procedure

  • To minimize swelling and for support, elastic bandage or support bra may be worn
  • A small tube may temporarily be placed to drain excess fluid or blood.
  • To avoid infections and hasten the recovery process, post–op instructions pertaining medications and proper care of the breasts should be strictly followed.
  • Follow-up visits should not be missed
  • Any discomforts should be immediately reported.

The breast reduction surgery is bound to relieve pain and other discomforts you were experiencing earlier. Self confidence is increased and the results are long lasting when done by expert surgeons.

Accessory breast removal treatment

In addition to normal breast tissue, an abnormal breast (Ectopic breast tissue) tissue may also be present and this is a common congenital condition. The appearance of this accessory breast is protuberant and consists of both central accessory breast tissue and adjacent fat tissue. The additional breast tissue presents cosmetic problems, discomforts during menstruation, restriction in movement of arm, and pain.

At Skinovate, minimal invasive surgery technique is employed to remove accessory breast. By following tumescent liposuction technique, both central accessory breast tissue and the fat tissue are removed. Additionally, if areola or nipple is present, they are surgically removed and extra skin is also removed through incisions.

At Skinovate, utmost importance is given to use advanced techniques and equipments for maximum benefits and all the procedures are done under sterile conditions at our clinic.