Acne Treatment

Acnes are nothing but red pimples that occurs because of infected sebaceous glands. Although they mainly appear on the face, it can also be on the back and neck of the body. Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is common among adolescents but a small percentage of adults also fall victims to this problem. The main reason for acne may be attributed to the rising androgen level as excess sebum is produced because of enlarged glands. Whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nobles, and cysts are few types of acne. Because of higher level of testosterone in men, they are most affected compared to women.

Smooth Beam Laser Treatment For Acne

It is a known fact that untreated acne leads to appearance of scars. There are many treatments available from home made remedies to medications. But a simpler and easy way to treat acne is to employ the scientifically advanced method, ‘Laser’. Skinovate employs Smooth beam Laser treatment, an advanced laser technique for treating acne and delivers best results.

The reasons for considering laser treatment most effective treatment for treating acne is two-folded. Firstly, the focused laser beams kill the bacteria on acne area and secondly, it also targets the enlarged gland and paves way for the reduction of sebum levels. The laser treatment is done after applying anesthetic cream on the skin. Through our laser acne treatment, clear and smooth skin can be attained to gain self confidence.

At Skinovate, to provide the right kind of skin, we have deployed Smoothbeam laser, a non-ablative laser. Smoothbeam lasers reduce wrinkles and fine lines by collagen stimulation. Smoothbeam lasers are always associated with dynamic cooling devices to protect the epidermis skin layer. The associated risks and downtime are less and what more, non-ablative lasers are less invasive too. For effective results, multiple visits for treatment are required.

Sali Peel

The beta hydroxyacid peels or Sali Peels provide a blemish less bright appearance with more skin toning and reduction in visibility of acne. The peels penetrate through pores and provide excellent treatment. The results are easily visible and also it can be achieved in few minutes.

Skinovate, the one stop centre of acne treatment, Pune takes maximum care to minimize the risk factors associated with the treatment procedure.

Treatment Cost

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