Basic Dermatology

It may be a surprise to many, but it is a fact that skin is the largest organ of a human being. And being an external organ too, the skin undergoes very harsh treatments due to pollution and also various other reasons. It is our utmost duty to protect the skin, not only to enhance the cosmetic aspects but also to facilitate the skin to do its duties efficiently. At Skinovate, we completely take care of your dermatological problems starting from a simple diaper rash to Leg ulcers.

A simple and common problem can cause high embarrassment and reduce self esteem. For example, hair problems such as dandruff and split hairs, nail problems like fungal nail infection and ingrown nails and skin problems such as sweat prickles, rashes, and pimples are very much common in our society due to one or other reason, but the basic underlying effect is discomfiture.

It is not that we render our expert service only for higher end treatments. We clearly know that any small disorder left untreated at the initial stage may blow up to serious condition. We also take comprehensive care of common problems and eradicate the possibility of them growing into a serious medical issue. As a matter of fact, we also perform complete skin examination for psychosexual disorders.

Skinovate, the leading medical centre for laser and cosmetic surgeries, provides immaculate treatments to basic dermatology ailments. We not only provide treatment for the effects, but also find out the cause and eradicate it.