Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery

As eye is more prominent area in the face, any changes like ageing gets easily noticed. Drooping eyelid, puffiness under eye bags, and deep depressions around lower lids due to factors such as ageing and sun exposure are some of the signs that become more prominent during 40’s. The perfect solution to regain the attractive appearance is Blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery. What more, the eyelid surgery can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries like facelift to enhance the effect.

It is not that the eye lid surgery is done as a cosmetic procedure for better appearance but it is also useful for functional purposes. For instance, the surgery is absolutely necessary if the drooping eyelid affects the vision. A consultation with our surgeon is required before the surgery to facilitate the examination process.

Surgery procedure

After the completion of evaluation by our surgeon at Skinovate, and addressing your concerns and expectations from the procedure, the best incision procedure for the surgery is selected. Two types of procedures are practiced and both are performed under local or general anesthesia:

  • Transconjuctival procedure: In this, a small incision is made inside the lower eyelid and excess fat is removed without removing the skin. The procedure is suitable for those who have under eye puffiness or bags.
  • Transcutaneous procedure: A single incision is made through the skin and it is done below the eye lashes. This incision can be made for both upper and lower lid. Even lower eyelid fat can be removed and excess skin can be trimmed and tightened. The incision appearance heals very well overtime.

Cold compress is given after surgery to reduce swelling and this can be continued for several days. Doctors may instruct to keep your head elevated and eye drops are generally prescribed for few days. Doctors may also advice when to start wearing eye makeup and contact lenses. Other discomforts, if any, are also addressed by medications. Follow–up visit for a general check up and other instructions is compulsory.