Breast Implant

Augmentation mammoplasty aka breast augmentation is done for various reasons like:

  • If a woman feels that her breast size is too small and wishes to enhance the contour
  • Rectify the sagging breast and to make them firm
  • When the breasts are disproportionate in size and shape
  • A best option when all or part of breast is removed (mastectomy) for treating cancer
  • Restoring the volume of breasts after pregnancy or weight loss

Types of breast implant and procedure

Skinovate Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Centre perform breast augmentation by implant & fat. The subtle change in the requirement of patients decides the type of breast augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentation by implant

Saline and silicone breast implants are available for breast implants. While sterile saline water is filled in the former, plastic gel is employed in the latter. Advanced treatment procedures use combination of both saline and gel.

Am I a candidate?

The bust line is increased by inserting an implant behind each breast and can be increased by one or more cup sizes. Any adult healthy woman can undergo for breast augmentation to improve their appearance. The size, implant filler, shape and any other features are decided based on the requirements after examining the breasts by the doctor.

Breast augmentation by fat

This procedure is used to enhance the shape rather than size. Fat deposits from other parts of the body such as stomach, flanks or other areas are used in breast implantation. After removing the fat from the body under local anesthesia, it is processed through centrifugation to separate blood, water and fat. Subsequently the refined fat is injected into the breasts for volume and shape.


  • A minimally invasive procedure
  • The area from where fat removed is contoured

Am I a candidate?

  • If you want achieve natural look
  • If you have sufficient body mass as fat that is necessary to transfer
  • Want to give only the shape and volume to the breasts but not to increase the size.

Before the procedure, the doctor at Skinovate will evaluate your medical history to recommend the best possible line of treatment. At this stage, patients can seek clarifications for their queries regarding surgery. As a pre-op preparation, certain medications that you are taking may be stopped by the doctor few days before the surgery.

During Surgery

  • General anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia is given and the patients will not experience pain during the procedure.
  • The time taken for surgery may last for 1 to 2 hours for breast augmentation by implants and for breast augmentation by fat, it may take 3 to 4 hours. Incisions are made in appropriate places to reduce visible scarring and it depends upon the implant and size of enlargement.
  • After incisions are made, a pocket is created and implants are placed directly behind the breast tissue or placed beneath pectoral muscle. When augmentation is done by fat, it is grafted and injected into the breasts to enhance shape.
  • Incisions are closed with layered sutures along with surgical tape to close the sutures. No cuts or incisions in breast augmentation by fat.

After surgery

  • There may be swelling and discomforts like burning sensation in the nipples. Pain may be addressed through medications. Other discomforts will subside after few days or weeks.
  • The scars will be thick and firm but will eventually fade away after 12 months.
  • After care instructions and schedule of follow up visits to the doctor should be strictly adhered.
  • It may be noted that breast implants cannot last lifetime and has to be replaced after some years. Apart from self-examination, regular breast screenings should be done at hospital.


  • Capsular contracture may be an unexpected complication. The scar tissues may form around breast implants and harden the breasts. This results in discomfort and presents different feel or look and may necessitate the removal or replacement of implant. At Skinovate, our surgeon always follows perfect procedures like selecting the right implant type, placing it in appropriate place and other techniques to reduce the risk.
  • In very rare cases, the implant may leak or break. In case of saline implants, the leaked salt water is absorbed by the body. If it is silicone gel, the break or leak can be found only through regular breast screenings.

The risks are drastically reduced as the surgeries at Skinovate are done by our expert plastic surgeons.

When can I return to normal activities?

Within few days one can return to normal activities. But as a precaution, strenuous activities and physical contact with the breast should be avoided for few weeks. Post operation, our surgeon will provide the complete list of do’s and don’ts.

What can I expect as a result of surgery?

As you have already experienced a satisfactory treatment procedure at Skinovate, the results also will be more satisfying. It is advisable for regular follow up to assess the implants. Regular mammography is recommended for patients under certain age group and it requires special technique for reliable interpretation.

Few additional points

  • Breast feeding is not affected by implants.
  • Breast implants does not affect if someone wishes to conceive. But pregnancy may change the shape and size of the implants. So it is advisable if someone wants to get pregnant in near future say, within a year, can avoid implantation.
  • Age is not a detriment. But the advisable age group is 18-60.

At Skinovate, all surgical procedures are done under sterile conditions using advanced medical techniques. Our plastic surgeon will be more than happy to answer all your queries and our continuous care even after surgical procedures brings high level of satisfaction among patients.