Breast cleavage enhancement

Cleavage is the gap between the breasts. Mostly, cleavage depends on the chest wall, the prominence of breast bone, and the fatty tissues that are present. To make it appear natural, the dimensions and positions of the cleavage are to be addressed separately irrespective of any breast care procedures. For instance the gap between the breasts does not get altered even after the breast augmentation procedure. To avoid these issues, a discussion with the doctor about the post surgery expectations is necessary to get the best results.

How to get best cleavage?

At Skinovate, we know the fact that cleavage enhancement is as important as breast augmentation. In spite of many factors that determine the cleavage, certain subtle adjustments are done by expert surgeons to ensure the achievement of better cleavage along with augmentation.

It all depends on the personal choice; some may need upper pole fullness (prominent cleavage on the upper part of breasts), or medial cleavage (breasts are close in the midline). In some cases, the expectations may be both. Surgeons at Skinovate decide on placement of implants in correct position for cleavage enhancement. While placing the implants higher on the chest provides upper pole fullness, it gives the medial cleavage (should ensure not to be too close to avoid uniboob appearance) by placing it closer. Finally our surgeons, with their expert skill sets, make certain that nipple and areola do not get dislocated.

The implants with high profile (small diameter) or moderate profile implants (larger diameter) are also widely employed in cleavage enhancement in achieving the perfect contours. The right profile is chosen by our surgeons to deliver the desired output.

Thanks to the vast domain knowledge, our surgeons at Skinovate provide the best possible solutions for perfect cleavage along with augmentation.