Rhytidectomy – Face Lift

Aging causes wrinkles and sagging skin on the face. To regain youthful appearance, facelift operation or Rhytidectomy, a common surgical procedure among men and women is done. When face lift is combined with other cosmetic procedures like neck lift, eye lid surgery, nose job, better results can be achieved.

Benefits of face lift

  • Younger look
  • Tighter and firmer skin
  • Improved self confidence
  • Improved self image
  • Visible signs of ageing like wrinkles are removed
  • Long lasting results

How a face lift procedure is done?

Excess skin is removed and the balance skin is lifted so as to produce a tight skin for a younger and fresh look. The surgery is done by administering general anesthesia and in some cases local anesthesia with sedation is also employed. The procedure for facelift takes around two to three hours. Again, if any additional cosmetic procedures are done along with facelift, the duration may increase. The surgery is done by small incisions that starts from hairline and ends behind the earlobe. To reshape the skin around the neck small incision is made beneath the chin. The excess skin is trimmed, fat is removed and subsequently, the skin if lifted and stretched upwards. To suck out the excretions, a small tube is fixed just before closing incisions. Again this tube will be removed in a day or two.

After the procedure

  • Numbness and swelling may be present and medication can address these issues.
  • Post-op instructions provided by our surgeon at Skinovate ought to be strictly followed for quick recovery.
  • Follow-up visits should not be missed.
  • Though full recovery may take few weeks, normal activities can be resumed within a few days after surgery.

At Skinovate all our facelift surgeries are done under sterile conditions by using advanced techniques by our expert surgeons. Skinovate, the renowned medical centre for face lift operation – Rhytidectomy in Pune always strive to deliver the best satisfactory results.