Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Skinovate always strive for the best possible line of treatment to produce maximum effect at minimum time. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest procedure that is widely used for hair restoration surgeries. It is a minimal invasive surgery and produces no linear scar and even the pit scars get hidden once the hair grows.


In this line of treatment, follicular units, which appear in groups one to four, are removed from the donor site. Incisions are made in the scalp to extract and this leads to pit scars of 1 mm or less size. The extracted follicular units are analyzed under microscope and only the healthy ones are selected for grafting at the recipient site. The transplanted hair may fall after few days, but new hair will appear after 4-6 months.

Salient Features:

• No sutures or scalpels. Hence no linear scars
• Widely used for hair transplantation in facial area
• Outpatient procedure with local anesthesia
• Healing time is quicker than FUT.
• The hair that grows back looks natural, as they are placed with perfect alignment to present aesthetic look.
• Donor area is mostly from sides or back of the head.
• Permanent results
• In a session, around 3000 follicular units can be harvested.
• No Numbness or infected in the harvested area.

In FUE process, the chances of damage in follicular unit roots are high. But the chances are high only if improper incisions are carried out. At Skinovate, our experienced trichologists and surgeons perform the precision work and hence damage of follicular unit roots is not the cause of concern for our patients.

Skinovate, renowned for Follicular Unit Extraction in Pune, provides the best post-op care and ensures the healing and recovery time are bare minimum.