A very popular cosmetic surgery also called as Lipoplasty is a surgical procedure where excess fat is removed. Liposuction is an option for stubborn subcutaneous fat that is not addressed through fat and exercise.

Liposuction is both art and science. In fact this is what makes us so special. At Skinovate, we apply our scientific knowledge and high level of skill to remove excess fat from your body and bring out the best aesthetic appearance. We apply latest advanced techniques for the procedures to achieve better results.

Am I a candidate for liposuction?

  • If you are a healthy adult and have stubborn fat that do not get eliminated through diet and exercise
  • If you aim for a reasonable result or in other words, if have realistic expectations from the surgery
  • Generally age is not a criterion but better results are achieved by younger people due to the elasticity of the skin.

Doctors select the right candidate after going through the previous medical history of the patients. With various modern method of treatments are available, the appropriate method is selected by the plastic surgeon to provide best results.

Procedures before surgery

It is necessary for the patient to discuss with the doctor about their regular medications. The surgeon instructions regarding the suspension of smoking, abeyance from alcohol and the medications to be taken or to be avoided before few days of surgery are to be strictly followed, as these may affect both the surgery and the recovery process.

Surgery procedure

Liposuction surgery is usually done after administering either local anaesthesia for removing small amount of fat deposits in limited area or general anaesthesia for removing large volume of deposits. Regional anaesthesia may also be provided if procedures are extensive.

Although the procedure is usually an outpatient procedure, sometimes, it may be necessary to stay at hospital. For instance, if large volume of fats is to be removed, the doctor may advice for a stay in the hospital.

The localized deposits of fat are removed through small incisions with the help of a narrow tube called Cannula. With the help of cannula, the broken fat cells that lie beneath the skin are removed through suction.

The time required for the surgery depends on various factors like the technique used, the quantum of deposits and also the type of anaesthesia given. It is always better if someone accompanies to take you home after the surgery

Surgery techniques of liposuction

  • Tumescent technique
  • Super wet technique
  • Ultrasound assisted technique

Both Tumescent and super wet technique uses the same procedure. The amount of fluid injection (a mixture of salt solution and other drugs), the anaesthesia method and time taken differs. The fat is removed with the help of a special cannula that produces ultra sonic energy is used in ultrasound assisted technique. The techniques chosen for the liposuction are wholly based on the suitability factor with the patient. With the vast experience and skill, our surgeon recommends the right technique for best possible outcomes.

Areas where liposuction performed in a body are

  • Face, Neck and Arms: Tumescent liposuction is widely used to remove excess fat from face neck and arms. It is a very safe and effective procedure to get rid of flabby and batwing arms, obtain rejuvenated face and achieve youthful appearance on neck. Liposuction can be combined with other procedures like face lift to enhance the effect.
  • Flanks and back tires: Fat that is found between the ribs and the hip and gives a bulging appearance is usually called as ‘love handles’ or back/spare tyres. While the fat appears below the waistline in women, it appears above the waistline in men. Our expert surgeons have successfully performed numerous liposuction procedures for patients and have helped them to achieve attractive waistline.
  • Inner, outer and circumferential thighs: Circumferential thigh liposuction is done on the entire circumference of the thigh and is usually done as a two stage procedure. Inner and outer thigh liposuction can also be undertaken separately. The excess fat is removed from inner and outer thigh through liposuction and results in slender thighs.
  • Hips and buttocks:Fat deposits in hips (also called as saddlebags) and buttocks may be unattractive. It is always better to perform liposuction on hips and buttocks for uniform and defined appearance
  • Bra fat and back: While the fat located above the waist line and just below the bra strap are termed as bra fat, those situated near the armpit, the neck (upper back), and lower back are referred as back fats. Liposuction can effectively remove both these fats.
  • Double chin: Removal of small amount of at yield excellent results and the overall appearance of the face is enhanced.
  • Lower abdomen: If fat is accumulated only in lower abdomen especially after pregnancy the lower abdomen muscles tend to stretch and lower abdomen liposuction gives dramatic results.
  • Circumferential Abdomen upper and lower: With very small incisions, excess fat that are underlying the abdominal muscles are removed with a small steel tube called cannula. Abdomen liposuction is the most common liposuction procedure done for both male and female, when fat reduction is not achieved through diet and exercise. Upper and lower abdomen circumferential liposuction also addresses the flanks and waist issues so that a harmonious look is achieved.

After surgery

  • While the surgery is done under sterile conditions with the help of state of the art techniques and utmost case, equal importance is given even after surgery for quick recovery.
  • After care instructions provided by the surgeons at Skinovate clinic should be meticulously followed. To control swelling, snug elastic garments is fitted and worn for few weeks over the treated area.
  • To control infections, anti-biotic and any other related medicines are generally prescribed by the doctor. Very slight discomforts like soreness, numbness, bleeding and pain may be experienced for few days. But these discomforts are addressed through medications.

After surgery

You will gradually heal and the final results will be perfectly visible after six weeks. To achieve this, after–op care instructions provided by the doctor should be strictly followed. The follow-up visit should not be missed. It is also advisable to visit the doctor immediately if there are any abnormal discomforts like severe pain, bleeding or other complications that are not addressed through medications.

As the the best liposuction surgery in Pune is performed by our surgeons at Skinovate, the patients are highly satisfied with the result and go back with improved confidence. But it has to be noted that a balanced diet and exercise are compulsory to maintain a healthy weight.