Mole & Wart Removal


Mole appears as a spot on the skin and the color may differ from pink, black, brown, or red. Moles can appear anywhere in our body. Moles are caused because of clusters of melanocytes. As we age, moles become more visible.


Warts are an infection that is caused when virus contacts with the skin. Warts are developed when the skin gets broken due to scratches or cuts and facilitates the easy passage for virus to enter through the top layer of skin. Warts can easily spread from one area to another area so it is important not to pick the warts.


Moles and warts are skin lesion and many of us want to get rid of it mainly for its unaesthetic appearance. To achieve a blemish free skin, due consultations with a dermatologist is of paramount importance. The dermatologist can provide you the best possible treatment for mole & wart removal by Cautery. The cautery procedure, in which unwanted tissues are charred and removed, is conducted under local anesthesia and gets usually completed in less than 30 minutes.

Immediately consult with our experienced dermatologists at Skinovate and say goodbye to wart and moles.

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