Platysmaplasty -Neck lift

The ageing and weight loss signs are easily visible in the neck area. Sagging folds around the neck and jaw line due to loss of elasticity are the signs to opt for a neck lift surgery. Neck lift technically known as platysmaplasty is a procedure used to provide firmness around neck and jaw line by tightening the loose skin. This procedure when done along with face lift yields better results.

Age, health, medical history, and the expectations from the surgery are the factors that are evaluated by the surgeon for considering the candidature for a neck lift surgery.

Neck lift surgery is done under general anesthesia and a stay in the hospital may be required. The time taken for this surgery is around two hours and may probably be more if neck lift surgery is done along with face lift surgery.

Incisions are made underneath chin or behind the ears to tighten the loose skin around neck and jaw. Incisions are closed by stitches to secure the skin. Along with tightening of the skin, excess fat may be removed through liposuction.

All post–op instructions will be given by the surgeon for quick healing and recovery. Soreness and swelling are experienced after surgery and a light dressing or compression bandages for a week or two will address this issue. Pain killers will be prescribed to combat pain. The result of the surgery presents younger and smoother appearance of skin. When done by expert surgeons at Skinovate the results are long lasting.