Nipple reduction in male

Nipple reduction surgery is a very common surgery and is performed when a male is not satisfied or unhappy with the shape and size of the nipple. As the name suggests, excess part of the nipple is removed in this procedure to achieve smaller and natural looking nipples. Nipple reduction surgery can also be done along with male breast reduction and areola reduction surgery for more natural look.


The procedure is undertaken at our clinic and is mostly under local anesthesia but the quantum of reduction or any other complications may demand general anesthesia. The whole procedure may take around an hour to complete. Inconspicuous incisions are made to remove the excess skin from nipple. Soreness and swelling are common and will heal in few days. The recovery period is quick and pain killers are provided to combat pain. One can return to normal activities in a day or two. Scars will fade away over time. All post-op instructions including maintenance of surgical area will be clearly given to avoid infection.

At Skinovate the surgeries are done after discussing with the patients about their expectations from the surgery and how the end result should be. The patient’s goal of the surgery and expectations from the surgery are always considered before the procedure and it is no wonder with our high quality medical services, we are able to achieve best results.