Permanent Lip Liner & Beauty Spots

As a compliment to the permanent make-up for eyeliner and eyebrows, dermatologists also work with aesthetic and medical skill to recreate the permanent lip liner & beauty spot. In fact these permanent make-up cosmetic laser treatments are boon to the people who would like to the stick to a particular style that suits them well. Along with them the other beneficiaries are sportswomen and medically disabled persons who have difficulty in wearing make-ups.

The treatments are to be administered only by the qualified persons such as dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. The pigments of natural origin are embedded into the superficial layer of a skin, similar to that of tattoo. To present the natural appearance, the reticular layer is also pigmented. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it does not require any sort of additional care. But as a word of caution, this procedure is not suitable for people who develop keloids.

We, at Skinovate believe that along with superior treatment schemes, total transparency in all our endeavors go well to gain the trust of our patients and clients. Hence we would like to disclose that although the procedure’s name suggests them to be permanent, it fades with time. It is a sort of semi-permanent arrangement that needs periodic maintenance with re-coloring.