Permanent Make-up, Eyeliner, Eyebrow

Are you ever short of time for make-up? Are you recovering from surgery or post- cancer treatment and do have the desire for make-up. The permanent make-up treatment of Skinovate is the one stop solution for you. With the latest and sophisticated laser technology, it is absolutely possible to have permanent effects in eyebrow and eyeliner.


Our dermatologists discuss with the patients about the desired colour and effect. The desired make-up is then tattooed through laser treatments. The process is very simple, but requires several pre-procedures like designing the contours and shades. Even after the procedure, irritation in the skin is slightly painful, and may lead to redness or swelling. But it is worth to bear them as the final result is stunning.

This is boon for people who don’t like to spend 30 minutes or so for the makeup but have the desire to present them attractive. Permanent make up facilitates the right opportunity to have a blemish less face for a long time.

Skinovate, The leading cosmetic procedure centre, provides the right kind of treatment based on the need and realistic expectations of the patients. With cutting edge technologies and vast domain knowledge, our dermatologists deliver the best.