Stretch Mark Removal

It is quite common for everyone to yearn for a blemish less skin. But because of stretch marks, it is almost next to impossible. This statement has no validity in the present day era. Stretch marks can be erased using the laser technologies at Skinovate, the ultimate medical centre for stretch mark removal treatment, Pune. Stretch marks are nothing but fine lines that are formed when the skin is pulled.

Why it happens?

It is true that skin has elasticity and the protein that is responsible for it is Collagen. But rapid growth of skin or stretching leads to overstretching of skin and disruption in collagen production. That triggers the scar formation called stretch marks. For instance, women experience it during pregnancy, body builders get it during their rapid body development.


Depending upon the severity of the problem, either Q-switch or CO2 Laser machines are employed at Skinovate for the treatment of stretch marks. This is a minimally invasive treatment purely for aesthetic augmentation of the skin. The laser beam targeted at the stretch mark region aids in healing by inducing the production of new collagen. All the irregularities associated with the pigmentation are removed and the skin is eventually rectified. This is absolutely a safe practice and within 5 sessions, up 70 % of the stretch marks can be reduced.

Skinovate, the leading medical centre for cosmetic and laser treatment has the cutting edge technologies and the expert skill sets to provide solutions for any ailment pertaining to skin and beauty care.

Treatment Cost

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