Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are fashion signs of younger generation. Also as a part of tradition, people in country side invariably have their names or images on their forearms, chest or shoulders and even a permanent dot as a Tikka in their fore head. With changing times, either the desire to have the tattoo may get diminished or a need may arise to erase the tattoo due to work policies or new fashion trends. As these tattoos are deeply embedded in the skin layers, it is very painful to have them erased through the conventional routes like chemical cleaning or dermabrasion. The need of the day is painless and clean procedure. Welcome to Skinovate. We provide the best tattoo removal treatment in Pune through sophisticated laser techniques.


It should be borne in the mind, that it is a slow process. With each session lasting up to half an hour, for excellent results it may take around ten sessions with a gap of 1 month between two sessions. A dark colored tattoo in blue or black can be easily removed, but it is quite difficult to remove light colored tattoos.


It is not that every laser can do wonders. Only Q switch lasers can produce the necessary energy to remove the dark and bright tattoo marks without producing scars in the skin. Our specialized Q switch lasers are absolutely soft on the skin and reacts only with the pigment of the tattoo. The tattoo absorbs the corresponding color of the laser beams and gets disintegrated from the underlying substrate layer of skin. Hence the skin does not react to the laser beams. The natural body defense mechanism slowly removes the disintegrated tattoo over a period of time.

Post Procedure Care

Ice packs and ointments if necessary are prescribed. Swelling and discoloration in the skin will diminish in few days of time. And finally exposure to sun and hot baths should be totally avoided till the instructions of the doctor.

Skinovate always strive to provide the best. The success of our each treatment is evident from the smile we see across our treated patients.

Treatment Cost

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