Tummy Tuck

Want to have thinner and firm abdomen? Exercise and weight control may be the answer. What if desired goals are not achieved even after following exercise and diet rigorously? Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, a cosmetic procedure is the ultimate answer. This surgery aids in removing excess skin and fat from middle and lower abdomen resulting in firmer and slimmer abdomen. So, get ready to fit in your favorite jeans.

The common causes for protruding abdomen that is loose and sagging are genetics, ageing, pregnancy, and weight issues.


  • After evaluation of medical history and other factors, the surgeon decides whether the patient is a good candidate for the surgery
  • The surgery may take around 3 hours and performed under general anesthesia.
  • Hospital stay for a day or two may be required

Different forms of tummy tuck methods like traditional tummy tuck, modified tummy tuck, lateral tension tummy tuck, extended tummy tuck or mini tucks are performed at Skinovate. Personal goals, the level of muscle laxity, and also the quantum of skin to be removed are various factors that are considered to decide upon the methodology that yields best tummy tuck results.

After procedure

Tight fitting garment is provided to aid in healing process of swollen and sore tummy. Other discomforts and complications are addressed through medications. Though partial results are visible after the procedure, the final result of settled tummy with toned and tightened muscles are visible after few months. After tummy tuck procedure, weight should be managed to achieve long term goals.


It is perfectly safe to undergo tummy tuck surgery if it is done by professionally qualified surgeons. Any surgery carries certain risks and complications and these are always discussed with the patients before surgery. At Skinovate all the surgeries are performed only by experienced surgeons who are also experts in this field.

Tummy tuck, Pune

Contact us immediately at Skinovate to achieve the goal to have flat and firmer tummy. For better results tummy tuck procedures can be combined with liposuction.