Vitiligo – White Patch Removal

Vitiligo also known as white patch is a type of skin condition in which de-pigmentation from skin has occurred and resulted in appearance of white patches in irregular shapes and sizes. Although the actual reason behind Vitiligo is still debated, it is considered to be an auto immune disease in which the brown pigment producing cells are destroyed. It is definitely not a medical issue but it is completely a cosmetic problem. Vitiligo is believed to genetic and can occur in face, elbows, hand and feet and genitals for any sex across any age group.

Topical Treatment

  • Topical Steroid Therapy: Re-pigmentation of the white patches is carried out with the aid of steroid creams. As the side effects are anticipated, it is usually administered under careful observations.
  • Psoralen photo chemotherapy (PUVA): Certain chemicals react with sunlight and UV light and produce color changing effects. This principle is adapted in this line of treatment. The photosensitive chemicals such as psoralens lotions are applied on the affected area and are exposed to the sun or UV lamp for designated period of time. The skin color changes and gradually matches with the surrounding color. The drawbacks are severe sun burn and excessive darkening.
  • De-pigmentation: In the line of treatment, the body is discolored to match the shade of the patches. This method also carries the drawbacks of dry skin and itching.

Surgical Procedures

  • Skin grafts: The healthy skin from a normal part of the body is harvested and grafted in the de-pigmented area where the white patches are present. This method is slowly gaining popularity for treating small patches of Vitiligo. Scars that are produced in the grafting procedure are treated accordingly to minimize them.
  • Micro pigmentation: In simple words, it is tattooing. Especially for dark colored patients this is an effective solution. The pigments matching the skin color are placed on the white patches and surgically tattooed. But permanent results are not possible through this method, as tattoos fade over the time.
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