Chemical Peel
Treatment in Pune

Though there are different ways to exfoliate the skin, chemical peels and laser peels always find themselves in the top position. These are very popular for their unique reasons, and both yield excellent results. Exfoliating or peeling the skin is carried out to enhance the texture, reduce acne scars, irregular pigmentation, wrinkles, and other skin flaws by removing the damages caused to it.

Treatment Procedure

In a light chemical peel, solutions of Trichloroacetic acid and alpha hydroxy acids are applied to the face to remove the exterior layer of the skin. The same is followed in deep chemical peel but with pre-treatment to make the surface layer of skin thinner.
In a laser peel, pulsing beams are targeted at the skin to remove one layer of skin at a time. Unlike a chemical peel, it is absolutely an outpatient procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.
The right treatment procedure will be decided after the doctor evaluates the skin type, the extent of damage caused, and the expected result.


A healthier skin layer, new collagen after the treatment that results in younger-looking skin, will result.

Side effects

Mild side effects are present in both the peels. Redness, swelling, and scarring are common in both the peels, but the result soon wades off. Suitable cold press and ointments, if necessary, are prescribed by the dermatologists to counter the pain.
At Skinovate, we only follow the ethical path of cosmetic treatments. With the latest lasers and highly dependable chemical solutions, we perform the best treatment of Laser and Chemical Peels in Pune for our patients.


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