Cysteine Hair
Treatment in Pune

A Cysteine hair straightening treatment is perfect for individuals with extremely frizzy and unmanageable hair who wants to strengthen their hair roots. In this treatment, the straightening wears off naturally without looking way too obvious. However, it is a semi – permanent treatment that may last for 2-3 months.
Cysteine treatment uses the cysteine complex, a non-essential amino acid naturally present in Keratin that straightens, strengthens, and smoothens hair strands. It adds shine to dull, boring hair and protects it from further damage. This treatment is known for getting rid of excessive frizz and dryness while boosting your hair growth.
It is a treatment recommended for hair that has become dull and damaged with regular usage of harsh chemicals present in shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils.

Who can get benefitted from Cysteine Hair Treatment?

If your hair is limp and lifeless, the cysteine treatment is your go-to-solution.
This hair treatment has proven itself as a boon for women with curly and frizzy hair. Overall, it can reduce curls by 50 to 60 percent.
However, cysteine treatment for thin hair is not a good idea and may require expert dermatologist counseling. Women with thin hair should avoid this treatment as it can make your already thin hair look even flattened and weak.
Note: If you have recently colored your hair, experts advise you to wait for at least two months before getting this treatment.
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