Ear and Nose
Piercing in Pune

Nose and Ear Piercing

Are you planning to get your nose or ears pierced? Have you chosen safe hands for it? It may sound funny, but nose and ear piercing can cause severe health complications if done wrongly. Some of the common health risks include:

Nose/Ear infection: 

There are hundreds of bacteria lying on our skin surface. When your skin gets pierced, these bacteria can cause infection. In case poorly sterilized equipment has been used, viruses like HIV, Hepatitis B, or tetanus may enter your bloodstream.


Bleeding while piercing your ears/nose is inevitable. But, a professional can help avoid the pain and swelling associated with bleeding.


If you get enlarged holes pierced in your nose or ears, small jewelry or studs can get stuck in the hole and you could possibly inhale or swallow the rings.

Nerve Damage:

Nose or ear piercing, if done unprofessionally, can cause severe pain and may damage your nerves.


Keloids: The swelling in your nose or ears due to metal piercing can causing scarring – a lump of
fibroid tissues formed over the skin.

How to ensure safe body piercing?

Before you sign up for body piercing, make sure the professional is licensed and follows these safety protocols:
Nose and ear piercing can close years later once it gets healed completely. Make sure you keep jewelry in your nose at all times, so the hole stays open.
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