Earring Hole Repair
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Earring Hole Repair

Stretched and gauged ears have become a personal choice. However, many people experience stretched or torn earlobes as an indirect result of earring hole trauma. Skinovate has many surgical options to repair the damage when it comes to unintentional stretch or torn earholes. The most common earring hole injuries include:
Stretched ear holes, which can occur when the ear hole gets stretched due to frequent use of heavy earrings or large gauges
Torn ear holes can happen accidentally if an earring is snagged or pulled or after long-term use of heavy earrings or large gauges.
Stretched earring holes tend to resemble a slit, rather than a small hole, and often create the appearance of sagging or drooping earlobes. It may become more difficult to fit regular earrings into an overly stretched ear hole. Unfortunately, both stretched and torn ear holes require surgery because, in many cases, the scar tissue that forms during stretching or tearing prevents the hole from closing naturally.

Treatment Overview

There are many approaches to address this surgery. It includes:
Side-to-side Closure: It is a simple outpatient procedure commonly used for children who have torn their earlobe accidentally. The process mostly takes place under the anaesthetic effect for a painless experience. The doctor then stitches both the sides of the open wound and pulls it tightly to bring the skin back together. While healing, the hole or split closes completely as the skin heals itself.
Purse-String Closure: It is a procedure primarily used for round skin wounds. Although this procedure is not used extensively, it is a potential option for torn or stretched earlobes. Under this procedure, loose stitches are made around the outside of the open wound. Finally, the string is pulled tight to close the hole completely.
Anterior-Posterior Flap Modification: It is a slightly more complicated procedure than the other. There is no need to remove the scar tissue for this procedure because, unlike other procedures, the hole will be covered rather than fused back together. The two flaps are created, one on each side of the ear. These flaps are then pulled through to the opposite side of the stretched hole and stitched shut. During the healing period, the original shape and size of the ear get restored.
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