Fat Grafting For
Reshaping in Pune


Get rid of dull and tired look, under eye bags, sagging skin and rejuvenate your face with shape and volume and get ready for a gorgeous look by fat grafting or volume reshaping to provide a long lasting effect at Skinovate clinic by our expert surgeons.
Fat grafting involves the extraction of patient’s fat from the area like abdomen, buttocks, flanks, and thighs and use these fats to augment other places of body where it is necessary. Owing to its spectacular results, this technique is commonly adopted by plastic surgeons. The best part of this procedure is that the patient’s own fat helps in compatibility factor.

Fat Grafting Technique

Fat grafting technique is done through liposuction technique. After the fat is harvested from areas where they are in excess (donor area) like abdomen and thighs, they are processed through centrifugation technique and separated from blood, water and other compounds. The processed fat is then injected into the required volume less area for better contour and shape. The fat is placed in multiple tunnels so that new layers are built for nourishment by new blood vessels. Fat grafting procedure is beneficial for eyes, cheek, neck, chin, male chest, calves and literally anywhere in the body.

Orbital Volumetric Reshaping

Fat grafting is a best option for hallowed upper or lower lid or sunken eyes. Cosmetic eyelid surgeries can go wrong when not done by expert or experienced surgeons. This technique is useful in correcting those defects. Also fat grafting is useful for correcting ageing signs, heredity problems, or any previous trauma.

Cheek Augmentation

When upper jaw bone is underdeveloped, the eyes may also appear hallow. To augment the cheek, fat grafting are done under the eyes and if necessary, also on cheeks for better results.

Nasolabial Folds Filling

Nasolabial folds are again a sign of ageing. But because of the facial structure, even younger people may have nasolabial folds. These are creases that start from the sides of the nose and generally extend and reach the corner of the mouth. They appear like two curves around mouth and lip area. The folds are corrected with the patient’s own fat and the results are highly satisfactory.

Chin augmentation with fat injections

The jaw line is re-defined to achieve perfect symmetry and harmonious facial feature. A feminine look in female or a masculine look in a male can be achieved through this procedure. Chin augmentation with fat injections provide long term results with natural look.

Neck volumetric enhancement

Sagging skin around neck, thin volume, slender muscle tone and other ageing signs require enhancement. The volumetric enhancement restores the volume with the help of fat grafting.

Male chest enhancement

The chest definition, contour, and shape can be enhanced by fat grafting. Fat harvested from areas like abdomen, flanks and thighs are then transferred into the chest wall. A sculpted and defined chest is the outcome of this procedure.

Mons Pubis augmentation

When there is loss of fatty tissue in pubic area, the skin in labia majora and mons pubis starts to sag and may pose difficulty in sexual intercourse. The fat grafting procedure is the suitable procedure as the pelvic triangle is filled with fat that is harvested from areas like thigh, abdomen, or any other apt places.

Penile girth augmentation

The patient’s own fat harvested from areas like abdomen or thighs is injected in penis to lengthen it or increase its girth. This procedure requires extreme skill and experience. The results also depend on the correct performance of the procedure of the surgery.

Buttocks volumetric augmentation

Buttocks volumetric augmentation through fat grafting is carried out for various reasons as listed below –
Risks are rare and with proper post-op care, quick recovery is possible. Round and prominent buttocks are the result with butt augmentation.

Calves augmentation

Calf augmentation can be done through fat transfer using the patient’s own fat. This process is done by harvesting fat from abdomen, thighs and transferring to calf area for better volume and shape.

Post liposuction defects correction

When previous surgeries of liposuction did not give the expected results performed by inexperienced surgeon, revision liposuction is the option. If the defect rectification demands more volume then fat transfer technique may be adopted to give aesthetic look and smooth appearance. This procedure requires extreme skill and an artistic knowledge. Depending upon the necessity, ultra sound techniques and laser technologies are also used to correct the defects.
At Skinovate utmost care is taken and all the procedures are performed only by our skilled and experienced surgeons so as to meet the realistic expectations of patients