Hair Patch in Pune

Hair Patch Treatment

Whether a marriage or job interview, hair loss or baldness always lowers our self-esteem. That is one of the primary reasons people are looking at a potential solution to counter hair loss. Hairloss treatment can potentially treat hair losses but requires both time and financial investment. On the contrary, Skinovate provides a wide range of hair loss treatments and remedies. Our artificial hair patch is a popular choice among people.

Artificial Hair Patch

Hair patches are quite effective solutions for individuals who do not want to undergo surgery. Here, the hair patches are stacked on the bald area with the help of cosmetic glue. As it is a non-surgical and pocket-friendly treatment, artificial hair patch treatment in Pune is quite popular. The hair patches are smaller compared to a wig. You can comb and style them without fearing their detachment while doing daily chores.

Benefits of Hair Patches

Why choose Skinovate for Hair-Patch Treatment?

Our trichologist does a detailed study of your scalp before recommending solutions. Typically, hair patches are an excellent solution for people suffering from alopecia areata. The quality of the patch materials matters a lot as poor quality material can aggravate hair loss or other scalp problems. We take the right measurements to provide you with the most suited hair patch and give adequate tips for its regular use and maintenance.
Our customized patches easily blend with your natural hair and have a durable shelf life. Our adept team of trichologists and therapists does the procedure in the utmost safe and hygienic environment, ensuring your treatment’s longevity.