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Hair Quality Improvement Treatments

The present-day pollution levels, stress, dietary habits and lifestyles present a huge threat to our hair’s growth. Hair problems such as thinning of hair, infections, hair loss, and itching are on the rise in both male and the female population. These problems aren’t permanent in most cases and can be entirely cured by a trichologist.

How Are Hair Problems Diagnosed?

Before proceeding to the treatment line, it is absolutely essential to determine the root cause of the problem. Although the problem is genetic in 9 out of 10 times, the other reasons may also be due to fungal infection or autoimmune disorders.
Detailed analysis of the problem that includes physical checks, lab checks, and clinical diagnosis, including the light microscopic examinations and scalp conditions throw light on the root cause of the problem. Based on this diagnosis and the type and severity of the problem, medications are initiated.

How Are These Hair Problems Treated At Skinovate?

Skinovate Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre, the leading medical institution to offer hair treatment in Pune, has the best solution to solve your hair problems. Equipped with cutting edge technologies, sterile operation theatres, and sophisticated equipment, our panel of doctors comprising dermatologists and plastic surgeons offers the perfect treatment for all hair fall problems.
From top-of-the-line cosmetic hair products to clinically approved medication courses, our trichologists offer highly customised medical treatment for targeting all underlying issues of your unique hair problems and cure them for the roots.
With modern-day technologies, it is quite possible to present a fuller and natural hair through hair transplantation. Our trichologists are skilled in performing Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the primary hair transplantation technique for the flawless hair fall treatment in Pune.
Our unique and specialised services for hair makeover treatments are bound to offer the desired results and enable you to regain your confidence.