Hair SPA - For
Revitalising Hair
in Pune

Hair SPA Treatments:

Does your hair seem to have lost its natural shine, thickness, and silkiness? These are signs of degradation in the hair’s health and quality. Today, excess exposure to environmental pollution, harsh chemical products, and poor dietary nutrition are causing such hair problems in the vast majority of women and men. These problems can be easily tackled with our modern Hair SPA treatments aiming to clean your scalp, revitalize your hair, and restoring its natural glow and bounce.
We utilize safe and effective scalp-stimulating masks, scalp steaming machines, and topical elasticizers to enhance your hair’s quality and quantity by offering you a highly personalized Hair Spa in Pune.

An Ideal Hair SPA Treatment At Skinovate:

Our hair therapists are skilled in customizing a hair spa to address a specific problem or offer a generally nourishing treatment for your hair. We follow a thorough and effective process to put together a medically and aesthetically guided solution. Here’s how your ideal Hair Spa in Pune’s advanced Skinovate clinic would look like.

Consultation Process:

First, our hair therapist will analyze your scalp and hair to diagnose the causes of its degradation. You will be asked to freely express the problems you face with your hair and your expectations from this treatment. The therapist will continue to discuss all the minor details about your medical history, nutrition, allergies, medications, work-life, general stress, and so on to modify your treatment accordingly.

Customized Treatments:

A treatment plan will be decided and performed in the following process:

Aftercare Tips:

After your treatment, our therapist will spend some more time prescribing a custom home care plan, which will include the details for using hair products for washing, styling, and protecting your hair and scalp.
Our experts at Skinovate take a comprehensive approach to resolve your hair problems with our cosmetic treatments.