Keloid Removal
Treatment in Pune

It would be shocking to know that a minor wound is often a reason behind a keloid. Keloid is a raised scar but not a hypertrophic scar. They are overgrown scar tissue that mainly gets developed around a wound after it has been healed. Keloids can develop in surgical wounds, burns, body piercings, acne, and boils. Unlike hypertrophic scar that evolves around a wound, keloid scars grow beyond the injury. The discomforts experienced because of keloids are

How are keloids treated?


Though surgical wounds are prone to keloids, additional treatments like radiotherapy, steroid injections, along surgery can produce effective results.


This is used along with surgery for limiting keloid scar.


Cryotherapy for skin is used in the early stage of keloid scar to stop its development by freezing tissue technique. This treatment can be done alone or along with other treatments like steroid injections.

Laser therapy

Pulsed dye laser and Nd YAG lasers give the best results for keloid scar treatment. CO2 lasers are also often used to provide the best results. But the criterion for selecting the best laser technique depends upon individual needs, skin, and scar type. Skinovate offers the best and safe laser-based Keloid scar treatment in Pune. Expert skin specialists do these under sterile conditions.
There are other treatments like medications and injections for keloid scars. The best treatment method is decided after evaluating various factors for delivering the best results.


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