Nose Surgery
in Pune


Many of us are not happy with the shape or size of our nose. Not anymore. With the help of Rhinoplasty the appearance of the nose can be enhanced by expert surgeons. Nose surgery / Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery done on face. At Skinovate, we use specialized techniques and our expert surgeons strive to achieve natural look and ensure high patient satisfaction. In fact, when the nose surgery is performed at Skinovate, the result is so natural that others may not even find a clue of surgical procedure that was carried out to correct the shape. Apart from cosmetic point of view, functional Rhinoplasty helps in alleviating breathing problem due to deformity in nose.
Nose surgery is performed to increase or decrease the size of the nose, change the shape, correct any birth defects or previous surgery defect.

What are the conditions that Rhinoplasty can treat?

Tip Plasty

Nose tips create an impression for the overall look of the face. Problems like too long or low nose, broad nasal tip, droopy tip, widened nostrils require correction for better appearance. This is the procedure to correct nasal tip by rectifying the orientation of cartilages. All the properties of projection and rotation are proportionately matched and enhancement of appearance is achieved.

Nostril reduction

Nostrils are corrected if it is very much flared or wide. In this procedure, the size of the nostril is narrowed down, asymmetry of the nostrils is rectified, and the length of sidewalls is corrected. Nostril reduction is a tricky procedure and it has to be done only by expert surgeons.

Tip Plasty with nostril reduction

After tip plasty is carried out, the nostrils may look wider especially when its size is disproportionate. Hence, nostril reduction may be required after Tip Plasty is carried out. This ensures a more natural look.

Deviated septum correction / septorhinoplasty

The two nasal passages are separated by the wall between the nostrils called nasal septum. The problem of deviated septum occurs when the bone or cartilage is not straight with which the septum is made up of. Deviated septum makes breathing difficult and leads to snoring and sleep apnea. This may be congenital or deviated septum may occur during childhood or can be because of an injury. Septoplasty is the surgical procedure done to correct the deviated septum, enable proper breathing, and enhance the appearance.

Hump reduction

A hump or bumpy nose reduction is done through open or closed rhinoplasty. The hump may be due to extra bone or cartilage. In some cases it is a combination of both. Though at prima facie the procedure looks simple, higher level of expertise is required, as some other deformities that are associated with hump reduction should also be corrected with other rhinoplasty procedures.

Nasal bridge augmentation with implant

Low bridge or dorsum is the problem faced by many because of wider nose that imparts less defined appearance to the face. Nasal bridge augmentation can be done through patient’s own tissue or through silicone implants to address this issue.

Columella hang reduction

Nostrils at nasal base are separated by columella. Columella problem can be because of long septum that pushes the columella or it may be due to congenital problem. Different techniques such as trimming and lifting the cartilage with skin reduction are used to correct the hanging columella problem.

Post cleft palate surgery nose correction

In this procedure, the underdeveloped nasal bones because of cleft are corrected. The nose tip and bones may provide asymmetrical appearance. All the abnormalities are rectified to give better shape and for better function of nose.

Naso frontal angle correction

In rhinoplasty, appearance of nose in context with facial features is observed. If reshaping is required then cosmetic procedures may be applied to give a proper shape. Bones are removed if it calls for reduction while implants are done if augmentation is necessary.

Nose acne scars laser correction

Cystic bumps generally develop into scars and become very difficult to remove through ordinary treatment methods. At Skinovate, advanced laser techniques are used to correct nose acne scars.

Deviated nose/crooked nose

Rhinoplasty surgery can correct deviated nose that has occurred due to congenital problem or improper healing after a fracture and also other related issues.

Nasal augmentation with osteotomies

Nasal bones play a vital role in giving a shape to the nose. A nasal deformity is corrected by a surgical procedure in which the bone is divided or a piece of bone is removed. Most of rhinoplasty procedures like alar cartilage resection, maxillary augmentation, and tip surgery require using osteotomy.

Nasal base reduction

Alar base reduction technique is used to slim down wide nasal base (because of broad and bulbous tip). After conducting proper analysis of nostril anatomy, this technique is also used to correct flared or thick nostrils.

Surgeons at Skinovate finalize the nasal surgery methods and incision techniques only after considering the aim of the surgery, detailed analysis of nose anatomy and the shape. This systematic approach presents the best opportunity for our doctors who perform Rhinoplasty nose surgery in Pune to achieve natural results.