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Established as a skin & hair care clinic in 2014, Skinovate has taken up dermatology & cosmetic studies since 2017. Our team of experts holds vast experience in carrying out clinical trials for new and emerging cosmetic & cosmeceutical products meant for skin, hair & oral care. We are a one-stop solution for the cosmetic & cosmeceutical industry that offers precise product testing methods to aid the launch of their products from lab to market.
With SKINOVATE as your preferred Clinical Research Organization (CRO), we can help you in terms of getting early proof of your product’s safety & efficacy analysis through cost-effective trial methodologies. We operate in transparent ways by maintaining a client-focused & dedicated approach that sponsors often expect.
We value the time & effort you put in developing a product to be successful in the market and understand the needs of the current quality & result-oriented market environment. Thus, we extend our partnership to being an essential associate towards achieving your milestones.
We adhere to agreed targets with dedication and reliability and present highly accurate and comprehensive result data to help you better analyze your product.

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The Skinovate Research Laboratory:

Our team consists of experienced dermatologists, medical specialists, life science graduates, Quality Managers, management & process experts with a keen interest in contemporary research, and extensive education, training, & experience in carrying out dermatology & cosmetic trials.
Our safety and efficacy studies are carried out by our professional and technical staff, along with a panel of board-certified dermatologists in our medical faculty.
Our modern infrastructure consists of frequently calibrated instruments for specialized skin, hair, scalp, and oral evaluations that encompass a broad range of testing services, including expert sensitivity tests.
We boast a database of 1000+ volunteers who are readily available for conducting studies on demand.

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