<strong>Everything you need to know about Atrophic Scar Treatment</strong>

Atrophic scar treatment

Anita, a 36-year-old woman, was left with ‘life-changing’ scarring after contracting chickenpox from her 4-year-old daughter. She says that the aftermath of adult chickenpox had shattered her self-belief. After an eight-day battle with the illness, Anita, a receptionist by profession, was left with large, dark chicken pox scars, leaving her too self-conscious and uncomfortable. She […]

Why Hair Loss Problem Is A Common Issue For Today’s Generation?

Life takes a toll on our lives in different aspects- Job, career, family issues, health issues, relationship issues, and mental health issues. In all of this, our health suffers the most, especially the hair. Whatever we eat, feel, think, or do in life is connected to our health and hair, directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, one […]

The Good and Bad of Laser Hair Removal

The good and bad of laser hair removal

Facts about laser hair removal treatment: The success rate of the treatment depends on two factors: your skin tone, and your hair colour It minimizes hair growth density up to the greatest extent and may remove permanently with additional sessions. There should be at least 3-8 weeks gap between each laser session The legs and […]

7 Tips to Naturally Regrow Your Hair

How permanent is laser hair removal in the long run 1

Undeniably, hair is the crowning glory that accentuates an individual’s personality and style. Be it men or women, facing hairfall issues has become a common problem for both the genders. Especially, excessive hair loss can be troublesome, affecting one’s confidence and self-esteem. Diagnosing the cause and taking appropriate corrective measures is the suitable way to […]

How “Permanent” Is Laser Hair Removal In The Long Run?

How permanent is laser hair removal in the long run

You must have seen many advertisements that tout laser hair removal as the “permanent” solution to rid your body of unwanted hair. Many clients who undergo these treatments also tend to share similar experiences. Laser hair removal treatment was indeed developed as the ultimate solution to remove excess hair from any part of the body […]

How Many Sessions Can Remove My Tattoo Permanently?

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The “Inked” culture has gained vast popularity in our culture. From business people to artists and celebrities, more and more people are paying their visit to a tattoo parlor to get themselves inked. This culture may be globally famous, but the sad thing about tattoos is that they don’t go away easily. A bad design, […]

Factors That Determine Tattoo Removal Success

Factors that determine tattoo removal success

Tattoos have gained popularity among millennials. However, getting it removed can be a challenging task. Many people prefer removing the tattoo after a certain period due to their personal reasons. Many factors can affect the tattoo removal process. Fortunately, you can now get your permanent tattoo removal in Pune at Skinovate Clinic. But before you […]

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Treatment? Your Go-to Guide

How to prepare for laser hair treatment? Your go-to guide

You are here because you have realized that laser hair removal treatment is the only option to permanently remove that unwanted hair. Our treatment for laser hair removal in Pune is for people who want to remove the excess unwanted hair grown in their armpits, face, neck, genital areas, chest, back, legs, arms, fingers, toes, […]

Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Regrow Fallen Hair

Lifestyle changes that will help regrow fallen hair

Hair loss is a widespread problem seen in one out of three people. But the reason for hair loss varies from patient to patient. The reasons include undergoing treatment, surgery, stress, genetic problem, poor diet, or exposure to pollution. Waking up to see hairs fallen all over the pillow, bathroom, floors, and combs is a […]

Thinking of laser hair removal? Here’s what you need to know


The hair on our body is natural, regardless of its density and volume. The hair on our eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, moustache, and body hair protects our skin against heat and helps with insulation. However, not everyone loves the idea of growing body hair and demand smooth, hairless skin. To achieve this, they switch to shaving, […]