White Hair Removal
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White Hair Removal

As we age, it is quite natural to get white hair on your face and scalp. The very sight of white hair often causes destructive psychological effects of getting old. With high stress levels due to peer pressure and work culture, it has become a common feature for younger generation too. The way out solution is quite easy – approach our laser clinic for hair removal treatment.


The black color of the hair is attributed to the pigment called melanin which gets reduced as we age. As they get older, men tend to give white hair in the ear lobes and eye brows and for their counterpart, women, they tend to get white hair in their chin after menopause.

Treatment Procedure

With excellent advances in technology, Lasers have become the indispensable equipment among the plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and trichologists. It is definitely a safer option than any other conventional methods. The laser rays are exactly focused on the area of the body, where the white hair growth is observed. The beam destroys the hair and restricts its further growth. What more, the effect of laser treatment are permanent if the treatment is continued for the full schedule of sessions.

Time Frame

With each session lasting around half an hour, the number of sessions may vary from 4 to 12, depending upon the quantum of white hair and the response of the skin.
With the help of cutting edge technologies and latest techniques, our dermatologists and trichologists render the best service under the most sterile conditions. This essentially contributes to the success of each and every treatment we offer to our patients.


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