Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

No more waxing, threading, or bleaching worries. Thanks to advanced laser technologies at Skinovate, permanent removal of unwanted hair can be done on both men and women.

Laser Procedure

Laser hair removal is the most opted treatment method to get rid of the hair. When pigments absorb the light, the highly concentrated laser beams destroy the hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. Because of the high intensity of each pulse received from diode laser equipment, the hair removal procedure takes very less time.

What Areas in the Body Can Be Treated?

With the help of advanced laser techniques, our expert skin specialists at Skinovate remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

  • Face area – upper lip and chin hair removal – the most preferred area and it takes very less time
  • Both cheeks hair removal – threading the cheeks on hair is painful and laser is the best option for smoother appearance
  • Full face hair removal – for a perfect look
  • Ears hair removal – when the hair is dark and noticeable, laser comes as a rescue
  • nose hair removal – plucking and waxing are pain, laser is a permanent solution
  • eyebrow hair removal – for a permanent defined look and no more plucking or waxing fear
  • Body area & neck hair removal – mostly affects and poses one of the biggest discomforts for men. Laser can remove unwanted hair permanently
  • chest hair removal – a male problem and laser is the answer for hair free and smooth chest
  • back – back hair is not aesthetic and laser treatment at Skinovate helps to achieve a hairless smooth back
  • bikini line – stop shaving, waxing, or creams that results in irritation, burning sensation and allergies. Laser treatment gives best results for bikini line hair removal
  • both legs, arms and underarms hair removal – easy way of removing unwanted hair and no more shaving or waxing worries
  • full body hair removal – unwanted hair from back, shoulder, neck, genital area and anywhere in the body can be treated with laser

Laser Treatment Benefits

  • The treatment is almost painless as the skin is cooled down before and after each pulse. Redness or swelling after the treatment is common and subsides in a day.
  • The treatment procedure is simple, safe, cost effective, and most importantly, does not damage the surrounding skin as advanced laser techniques are used at Skinovate.
  • The duration taken for laser treatment is very less. As a matter of fact, the laser treatments for upper lip and chin hair removal takes just 5 minutes
  • The results are permanent

Are multiple visits to the clinic required?

Multiple sessions for treatment are required to target the hair follicles at different phases of hair growth. 6-8 initial treatments with a gap of few weeks are required for best results.

Skinovate, the leading laser and cosmetic clinic for permanent hair removal, Pune is the most preferred medical centre as all the procedures are done under sterile conditions using advanced medical techniques and provide flawless results.

Treatment Cost

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