Birthmark Removal
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Birthmark Removal Treatment

Skin Pigmentation and Birthmarks are small benign irregularities in the skin. It is never a medical issue but always possesses a cosmetic concern if present in the visible part, such as the face or forearm. As we grow older, some of them may fade away, some of them may stay just like that, and some may grow big. They are entirely an enigma. They are not hereditary and cannot be prevented in formation.


Based on the basis cause of formation, birthmarks are classified into two categories – Vascular and Pigmented. Some of the former types, such as Stork Bite and Port-wine stain, are due to an abnormal blood vessel imparting a pinkish or reddish shade. In contrast, some of the latter types, such as Mongolian spot, Mole, and Nevus of Ota, are due to the accumulation of pigments causing dark brown color.

Birthmark removal

Lasers are the boon of dermatologists. At Skinovate, birthmarks are easily removed through Q-switch or CO2 lasers. Depending upon the type of birthmarks, our surgeons select the suitable laser. The targeted laser beam slowly lightens the birthmarks, and in an hour, the birthmarks become completely invisible or less noticeable. Of course, all large-size birthmarks must undergo multiple sessions with a gap of one month between two sessions.
At Skinovate, we always utilize the best infrastructure to provide the equally best service to our patients. Also, complete post-op care and advice are promptly offered. We are proud and happy that we make life better for our patients.