Does Non-Surgical Liposuction Help In Losing Weight?

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Does Non-Surgical Liposuction Help In Losing Weight

Are you satisfied with your body BMI? Are your fat pockets distressing you?  Experts suggest exercise and diet, which may not always help. Over time you may lose body fat, but skin loosens. If you consider liposuction, it gives noticeable results in less time. But its invasive method harrows people to dodge the procedure.

Skinovate presents non-surgical liposuction in Pune, by which you can obtain equivalent results as compared to traditional surgical liposuction but without surgery. Let us explain what non-surgical Liposuction is.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

You will be surprised to learn that non-surgical liposuction is not at all like traditional liposuction. It aims to replicate the effects of traditional surgical liposuction by targeting the body fat without damaging the overlying skin. The technology used in nonsurgical liposuction  includes:

  • Laser Technology
  • Alternative Rapid Heating and Cooling Technology
  • Ultrasound technology 
  • Targeted heating

Popular non-surgical liposuction procedures include:

  • Cool sculpting
  • Liposonix
  • Elix

Advantages Of Non- Surgical Liposuction

The major advantages of the procedure are discussed below:

  • Body toning without physical exercise– A major benefit of liposuction is that you get a better-toned body without exercising. However, exercise is important for good health and should not be ignored.
  • It is non-invasive-  Unlike traditional surgical liposuction, it is a non-invasive method that attracts patients who want to enjoy liposuction’s benefit but fear and avoids the procedure considering liposuction an invasive method.
  • It is less time-consuming- The procedure takes only a few hours to complete procedure. But, in no way the results are compromised. The results are quite prominent, effective, and visible after a few weeks or months. 
  • It does not involve anesthetic- The anesthetics are given for invasive methods. On the contrary to traditional liposuction methods, this method does not require making incisions; hence anesthesia is not administered in most cases.
  • People can resume work immediately after-  It does not take very long to recover after the procedure. Hence, one can resume normal activities with little precautions immediately after getting non-surgical liposuction in Pune.

Does Non-Surgical Liposuction Sculpt The Body And Help Lose Body Weight?

Many people question, does the procedure sculpt the body and help in weight loss? The answer is yes, but to a limited extent. It targets the fat pockets such as arms, thighs, tires, etc. that do not lose fat with simple exercising. But the procedure is not intended for weight loss and is not recommended for treating obesity. The non-surgical liposuction is suitable for people who already have manageable weight or whose BMI is not more than 30%. The procedure works and shows superior results over time. 

However, one should not expect visible results with one or two rounds of the process;  non-surgical liposuction involves several coherent steps. The process is scheduled in rounds because stubborn fats do not go in one clinical visit. Hence, transformation can be expected in weeks or months time.

Also, non-invasive liposuction is subject to the careful handling of the process by experienced professionals adept at using the latest technological equipment. Which is why our experienced team at Skinovate provides high-quality non-surgical liposuction in Pune with promising results. In case you have more queries regarding any of our procedures, do connect to our experts.


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Dr. Sushil Chaudhary

Dr. Sushil Chaudhary

Dr. Sushil Chaudhary is the CEO, founder-director of Skinovate, board-certified & trained with experience of more than 11 years in this field since 2009. He is an adept and well-known cosmetologist & trichologist in Pune, with a keen interest in offering specialized medical & aesthetic treatments for skin, hair & bodily conditions. He is one of the few cosmetologists in Pune who specialize in Aesthetic Dermatology and offer customized medical & aesthetic solutions for cosmetic skin, hair, & body related problems.

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