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Hair Loss Treatments

It is essential to know the exact causes behind your hair loss problem before opting for any treatment course. This information helps educate yourself and assists in boosting your confidence in the chosen treatment procedures. In this context, the various causes of the general hair loss problems and their treatment procedures adapted are described below by our qualified dermatologists who perform hair loss treatment in Pune:

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Loss Problems?

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia)

Majority of men are affected by this problem, and it mostly affects the front side of their hairline, causing it to recede backwards. It is not a medical disorder, and it is completely a genetic issue. To prevent hair loss, medications such as Minoxidil are prescribed by our dermatologists. But the results are always based on the skill and efficacy of your trichologist and their treatments.

Female Pattern Baldness

Women experience hair loss due to hormones and genetic factors. Female pattern baldness affects the central part line and the temple of women. Though it does not cause baldness, it leads to thinning of hair and loss of overall density. Clinically proven medications are available for this condition.

Alopecia Areata

It is an autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss in a localised area of the scalp. Under normal circumstances, the lost hair is regained. Even if it doesn’t grow back, our dermatologists prescribe medication for effective treatment.

Tinea Capitis

It is the fungal infection in the scalp responsible for damaging hair follicles and its shafts, thereby causing hair loss. Medication courses prescribed by a trained trichologist can completely cure this problem.

What Are The Different Treatments For Hair Loss Problems?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment:

The Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is one of the most advanced treatment methods for treating hair loss. PRP is blood plasma with a high concentration of platelets that are rich in bioactive proteins. PRP is very much beneficial for healing and cell regeneration process. PRP is used as a non-surgical hair restoration technique, and both male and female can benefit from this treatment.

How Does PRP Work For Hair Regrowth?

The patient’s own blood is taken, and its platelet-rich plasma is separated through centrifugation. Our expert doctor injects the PRP in the areas of hair loss evenly. This stimulates the growth factors and results in thicker hair growth. It is an extremely safe procedure as there are no foreign bodies involved injected in the body. The use of patient’s own platelets also helps avoid cross-infection.
Multiple sessions may be required depending upon hair loss stage, and each session is performed at a fixed interval of one month.


In Mesotherapy, the scalp is provided with additional nourishment to improve the blood circulation, thereby enhancing the chances of hair follicle nourishment and hair re-growth.

How Does Mesotherapy Work For Hair Regrowth?

The perfect mixture of a vitamin-rich solution is injected in the scalp area to facilitate the neutralisation of the DHT hormone, which helps in hair growth. It is a slow process, and the number of sessions may vary from 4-6 depending upon the expected results.

Skinovate is the perfect place for hair loss treatment in Pune as our treatment methodologies are result-oriented and safe. Most importantly, our experts have rendered smiles across the faces of all our cured patients who were able to regain their self-confidence and lead a healthy social life after seeking our treatments. Contact us for the best hair loss treatment in Pune.