Permanent Laser
Hair Removal in Pune


Laser hair removal (LHR) is an advanced body hair removal treatment that uses a high-energy laser beam to destroy hair follicles and permanently wipe off body hair growth. This modern laser technology for hair removal offers a high degree of precision without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

This is a precisional light-based laser treatment, contrary to other hair removal treatments requiring pulling or harsh chemical use in its process. As a result, laser-based hair removal helps escape painful hair removal methods of shaving, waxing, or tweezing.

The laser hair removal treatment in Pune is available both for men and women. As the procedure gives promising results for a longer period of time, it has found significant applause by both men and women and gives them self-confidence of self-image Also, in the case of hair regrowth after a significant period of time, the density of growth is much lesser when compared to previous hair growth which reduces with subsequent permanent hair removal in Pune, with us at our clinic.

Procedure Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

At Skinovate, we use the most advanced laser technologies, highly effective in targeting a wide range of hair and skin tones. However, the three standard lasers used for this treatment include the Pulsed Diode Array, Alexandrite, and the Nd: YAG lasers.

The procedure proceeds as follows.

STEP 1: The area is cleansed, and a cool gel is applied so that the laser pulses enter the skin to detach hair strand easily. Also, the laser is pulsed and tested on a small patch of skin for appropriate intensity laser light.

STEP2: A handheld laser beaming instrument is used to target hair follicles, which can freely maneuver over bends and folds in the skin.

STEP 3: The laser beams produce optimal heat. A laser cooling system is used to condition the skin and prevent overheating due to the laser. The process also prevents the bacterias from entering the pores of hair follicles fall off.

Typically, the hair strands of darker toned skin are comparatively darker, which may require more sessions for laser hair removal in Pune with us.

What Can You Expect Before Your Laser Hair Removal treatment?

The treatment starts with basic skin profile analysis, where our cosmetologist will analyze the skin through a microscope to notice the minutest detail. Then, in case of scars, injuries, or skin tags, the cosmetologist will explain why the laser beam will not be pulsed in the affected portions.

Depending on the area for hair removal, skin type, and hair type, the cosmetologist will assign a total number of laser treatment sessions beforehand. However, the sessions may increase or decrease depending on results expected with respective sessions. Typically, in most cases, the number of sessions remains the same as the predetermined number of sessions. On average, you may require 5 to 8 different sessions spread over 4 to 6 weeks to attain the optimal hair-free skin.

What To Expect After Having The Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The hair removal treatment aims to give you smooth, hair-free skin for a prolonged period of time. However following results should be expected:

  • The hair loss does not happen in one session. It is just the starting of the treatment.
  • You can expect 70% of hair loss within 5 sessions when the session is carried out punctually with all necessary efforts.
  • There can be light bruises after treatment which go in a couple of days.
  • If you have darker-toned skin, it may take more sessions.
  • Although it is said that laser hair removal is permanent in nature, but hair may regrow after a long period of time.
  • However, the ones which have light hair growth may be elated not to see regrowth. Also, if the hair regrowth is much lesser in density, that further decreases to negligible growth with subsequent treatments.

The cosmetologist will also inform you of certain guidelines for maintaining the best laser hair removal results. Our experts will personalize these guidelines based on your physical condition and overall treatment factors.

Pre-Treatment Care

If you plan to undergo permanent hair removal in Pune, then you must be careful about the following factors.

  • Avoid tweezing, waxing, electrolysis on the skin at least two months before having treatment. The other alternate hair removal methods may disturb the skin quality affecting skin pores; as a result, the laser beam may enter deep within the skin layers. A poor skin quality may also defer the expected result from laser treatment.
  • Schedule your appointment with your dermatologist and laser cosmetologist and discuss your skin’s condition. Typically, professional doctors recommend laser treatment only after skin profile analysis. The skin specialist may give some lightening creams to apply from a month before the treatment to lighten the tone and make hair strands clearly visible,
  • Avoid stepping in direct sunlight. Always apply sunscreen, even while staying indoors, as it will protect you from UV rays. Typically, one should avoid blood-thinning medications for at least one month before having the laser treatment. If you take those medications, proceed with laser hair removal in Pune only after consulting your concerned doctor.

Post-Treatment Care

For effect post-treatment care, our cosmetologist may suggest a few guidelines, such as:

  • Wash the treated area with a gentle soap.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and save your skin from direct UV exposure.
  • If not necessary, go without makeup.
  • You may get small bumps or light bruises that go after two days.
  • Exfoliate skin with mild scrub and light circular motions, and it would easy the hair to fall off easily.
  • It may take 5-15 days for shedding the hair due to the process.
  • Therefore, do not haste to see full results and avoid waxing, tweezing, electrolysis on the skin after the process.

Key Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are many reasons why laser hair removal in Pune is becoming famous over the years. Here are some of the key benefits of laser, attracting more patients towards our clinic.

Cost-Effective: If you think rationally, it saves both time and money, and it also reduces the monthly burden on pockets for vision quality salons for hair removal. It’s a one-time investment cost gives to smooth skin for months.

Improved Self-Confidence: Smooth hair-free skin looks better and fairer, giving self-confidence in a professional and social atmosphere. Getting permanent hair removal in Pune is easy and not new as more people opt for the treatment confidently.

No Side Effects: Traditional hair pulling and shaving can cause acne, rashes, pain, and irritation. In contrast, the laser treatment is chemical-free and contactless, with almost no damage. However, in few cases, light bruises may appear after treatment which goes in a couple of days.

No More Ingrown Hair: A waxed, shaved, or tweezed hair that isn’t removed entirely can cause ingrown hair that causes severe pain, irritation, and inflammation. Laser treatments are contactless and remove every hair strand accurately from its roots.

Safety of Experts: LHR is a highly sophisticated treatment performed by certified and experienced is much lighter in tone and harder to see even at a close distance, making the results almost permanent.

Why Choose Skinovate To Have Your Permanent Laser Hair Removal In Pune?

At Skinovate, we have a skilled and well qualified team who know to make the best use of technology. We deal with our patients with concern to give them better than expected results and maintain cordial relationships with existing patients. Furthermore, there are some more reasons you can choose us :

  • Our cosmetologist performs skin profile analysis and explains the details of the procedure to patients, which gives them the confidence to stay tuned with us.
  • We use the latest technologies that are safe and approve by concerned accreditations.
  • We have maintained consistent success reports with more patients visiting our clinic every year.
  • We use the latest and safest technology for the best results.
  • We follow a patient-first and result-oriented approach.
  • The results are visible after few sessions.

How Much Does A Laser Hair Removal Cost In Pune?

Since there are multiple sessions involved in this treatment, it costs more than other traditional therapies. However, if you prudently calculate and compare your laser treatment expenses against what you’d spend on traditional treatments over time, you’ll realize its cost-saving benefits in the long run. Laser hair removal clinics provide a list of standard packages and rates for you to choose from. However, your cosmetologist will better guide you on which package to choose after getting your skin’s analysis. The total hair removal cost in Pune will also be based on the following factors:

  • The extent of skin region to be treated
  • The total number of sessions required
  • The type of laser technology used during treatment
  • The standard charges of the clinic and the laser specialist

Moreover, you will be expected to attend all laser sessions punctually as missing out on sessions or not taking the session in the time prescribed can lead to additional sessions. Also, you will be expected to follow the post-treatment guidelines as per your cosmetologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, anyone willing to remove unwanted body hair can benefit from laser hair removal. However, the best laser treatment results have been achieved in people with darker and finer hair. Pregnant and breastfeeding women may not be good candidates but can discuss their options with our cosmetologist.
Once you’ve started your treatment, the efficacy and durability of its results will depend on how well you follow the precautions prescribed by your cosmetologist. Following are some of these precautions:
  • Avoid sun exposure or direct contact with the sun over your treated skin for 4-6 weeks before and after treatment.
  • Avoid skin tanning or usage of any indoor skin tanning equipment.
  • Avoid plucking or waxing your hair for 3-4 weeks before treatment.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions as every patient recovers differently.
  • In case of swelling or redness, use a cold compress to get rid of the discomfort.
The laser hair removal technology can work over almost all skin over any part of the body except near or over the eyes. The most commonly treated regions include:
  • The Neck, chin, upper lip, cheeks
  • Temporal regions of the face
  • Thighs & Calves
  • the bikini area
  • Arms and armpits
  • Shoulder
  • Back region
It is a quick procedure, but the time duration varies based on the extent of parts that are being treated. Still, the treatment only takes anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour to complete.
Typically, your number of sessions will range anywhere between 5 and 9, conducted over 4 to 8 weeks to attain the optimal hair-free skin.
Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the skin, except for the eyelids, as they are in contact with the eyes, which are sensitive to light and heat.
Yes, Laser hair removal is a safe and FDA Approved cosmetic treatment that has been in practice for more than 15 years now.

You should choose laser hair removal in treatment over any other method for these simple reasons:

  • The treatment is virtually pain-free.
  • It is less time-consuming.
  • It results in the permanent removal of hair.
The high-end technology ensures that your skin is cooled before and after each pulse is fired, so it is quite comfortable with minimal pain. For people who are intolerant to the slightest discomfort, A topical anesthetist can also be used.