Photo Facial
(Laser Facial) in Pune


Photo facials are laser-driven facials that clean deep into the pores, brighten skin, and improve your skin’s texture in about 15 minutes. It is the latest cosmetic solution to reduce acne, wrinkles and smoothen your skin. It typically utilizes non-ablative intense pulse light (IPL) lasers that stimulate collagen production without damaging the skin cells in any way. However, based on your skin problems, ablative lasers may also be used.
By opting for regular photo facials, you can reverse your skin’s aging and maintain your youthfulness for many years to come.

What Is The IPL Laser Used During Photo Facials?

The IPL laser projects scattered pulses of light that do not focus on one point. It emits light in a single wavelength that penetrates the epidermis without causing any changes to it.
At the second skin layer (dermis), this light is absorbed by the pigmented cells, hair follicles, and broken veins, building up heat within them.
The excessive heat damages these blemish-causing tissues, and they are removed from the body.
It laser simultaneously promotes collagen production, which causes the skin to develop new healthy cells that make it appear supple and smooth.

How Do Photo Facials Work?

Photo facials are like any other facials except for the use of lasers and can be done over a lunch break.
When you visit for your session, our cosmetologist will first analyze your facial blemishes and explain the best suitable lasers to use.
You’ll be laid down in a laser treatment room with apt safety gear for eyes and body. The laser therapist will cleanse your skin and use a cooling agent to reduce the discomfort caused by the light beam.
The IPL laser will be passed over your facial skin evenly, and once all the area is targeted, you’ll be allowed to leave with some precautions to take.

What Facial Skin Conditions Do Photo Facials Treat?

A single photo facial laser helps rectify the following skin problems:
Pigmented Spots: the dark pigmented parts on your face absorb the heat generated by the laser’s light, damaging the melanocytes, causing pigmentation.
Acne: IPL laser uses a blue filter that triggers porphyrin production within the skin. These Porphyrins kill the acne-causing bacteria and reduce the skin inflammation caused by it.
Wrinkles & Loose Skin: The boosted collagen production fills up the wrinkles and fine lines around the face, giving it a smoother appearance. IPL laser is also known to increase hydration, which makes it more supple.
Texture & Tone: With different blemishes, such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and pigmented spots removed and pores cleansed, your skin’s texture automatically improves without additional treatments.
Rosacea: The heat from the IPL laser is also absorbed by the hemoglobin in broken capillaries and cauterizes the vein causing it to collapse. This also reduces redness caused by rosacea.

Why Choose Skinovate To Get Your Photo Facials?

IPL lasers are fairing new and are required to be handled by certified and trained laser therapists and cosmetologists to avoid any side effects.
Skinovate is one of the few cosmetic centers in Pune that possess this and other advanced laser technologies handled by Pune’s top cosmetologists like Dr. Sushil Chaudhary. This is what makes us your safest option to get a photo facial in Pune.
If you still have doubts, you can directly reach out to our cosmetic experts to learn how our advanced photo facials can help you regain your youthful face.