Corns, Skin tags,
warts, keloids,
freckles, DPN, Molluscum

Flawless skin is every individual's dream. Unfortunately, aging makes our skin look old, wrinkled, and other skin conditions such as corns, skin tags, warts, keloids, freckles, DPN, and Molluscum. Skinovate offers world-class, safest treatment for a wide array of skin conditions. Treatments suggested by our board-certified dermatologists have helped hundreds of individuals achieve a smooth, enhanced, and confident look.
Find out how our experts treat warts, keloids, and freckles. But, before that –

What are Corns, Skin tags, warts, keloids, freckles, DPN, Molluscum?


It often develops on the foot region, as a hardened layer of skin developed from your skin's response to friction and pressure. They mostly develop below your toenail, between your toes, sides of your feet, and bottom of your feet. If the OTC medicines fail to respond, our dermatologists may scrape, shave, and remove the skin's hardened layer to treat corn.

Skin Tags: 

They are benign tumors of the skin that mostly occurs in the skin's creases or folds. They are not dangerous, but many people remove them for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Dermatologists suggest cryotherapy for skin tag removal, under which the targeted region is frozen off using a probe that contains liquid nitrogen.


They often go away without any treatment. A dermatologist may look at your skin and diagnose a wart. However, if warts look abnormal or suspicious, the expert may suggest a biopsy in which a part of your skin gets removed and examined for cancer or other severe skin conditions.


An injured skin develops scar tissue around the wound. In some cases, these scar tissues expand and turn into keloids. They may not be harmful, but many people remove them for cosmetic reasons. There are laser treatments available to get rid of the keloids and achieve smooth, breathable, and good-looking skin.


Freckles are harmless clusters of tiny brown or reddish spots on the skin caused due to sun exposure and genetic history. Cryosurgery and chemical peels are the best treatments for freckles.


Dermatosis papulosa nigra or DPN is a harmless skin condition that mostly affects people with dark skin tone. These are small, dark bumps that occur on the face and neck. It often doesn't require treatment, but if the dermatologist suspects something abnormal, he may recommend surgery or laser treatment for removal purposes.


It refers to a skin infection that produces raised bumps and lesions on the upper layer of your skin. Cryotherapy and laser treatments are the best skin treatments that help people get rid of Molluscum and restore their smooth and firm skin.
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