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Dandruff is the dry lumps of dead cells on the scalp. Although not dangerous, it causes itchiness and hair damage, causing harm to the scalp. You might refrain from wearing black or dark-colored clothes due to excess dandruff, as it can be very embarrassing at times. You can try some home remedies and a good diet for preventing dandruff, but too much dandruff can be harmful as it may trigger severe hair loss. For a remedy, you can consult us for effective dandruff treatment in Pune.


Some dandruff symptoms include


Problems Caused by Dandruff

Skinovate Dandruff Treatment

Our adept doctors and trichologist thoroughly examine the scalp and diagnose the cause of dandruff to give a potential treatment. We suggest various treatment approaches such as ointments, shampoos, and dietary changes, treat scaly dandruff and recommend complete scalp nourishment and care regimen. Our dandruff treatment (depending on the patient’s scalp) include one or a combination of more than one suggested solutions given below:


Our trichologist suggests different shampoos to address different scalp problems causing dandruff. The shampoo ranges as:


The moisturizers or serums provide enough moisturization and nourishment to the scalp for preventing dandruff from coming back.

Healthy Scalp Maintainance tips

Aftercare is as important as taking care for the moment. Our dermatologists offer useful tips for proper maintenance for a healthy scalp and avoid dandruff and other scalp problems.

Medicinal Treatments

If your dandruff condition doesn’t respond to conventional treatments, our expert will offer a customized medicinal course to fight its root causes and prevent them from recurring.
With his vast knowledge and experience in the field, our skin and hair expert Dr. Sushil Chaudhary at Skinovate can help you get rid of your dandruff-led anxiety and skin conditions with the latest and clinically proven dandruff treatment in Pune.