Creating Dimples

What is The Dimple Creation Surgery Or Dimpleplasty?

Do you wish to have more cuteness or look more attractive when you smile with dimples? Then dimple creation is the answer for you. Some people consider it as a natural gift or some consider it as cuteness or luck factor. Whatever may be the reason, the demand for creating dimples has drastically increased in recent years.
At Skinovate, the procedures are done by highly experienced surgeons to give a natural look with high perfection that the newly created dimple will look as if you had it since your birth.

What Is The Dimple Creation Procedure?

The procedure of creating dimples is called Dimpleplasty. The surgeon selects an appropriate place for creating dimples by drawing imaginary lines.
The surgeon starts the procedure under local anesthesia. An incision is made inside the cheek and a small amount of cheek muscle is removed and subsequently anchored with the help of absorbable sutures.
Not to worry about the sutures, as they will be absorbed in few days.

What to Expect After Your Dimple Creation Procedure?

Pain, swelling, and soreness that are common after surgery are combated by the prescribed medications.
All the discomforts will get subsidized in few days and normal activities can be resumed after 2 or 3 days.
Initially, dimples will be prominent even without smiling and after the complete healing process, they will be seen only when you smile.
At Skinovate, innovative techniques are used by the surgeons to provide natural results for your smile with beautiful dimples.